What is Upcycling?

What is Upcycling?

by Gaston Valenzuela July 24, 2018

The Real Beauty of Upcycled Fashion

While people worldwide are familiar with the concept of recycling, few pay attention to upcycling. Like recycling, upcycling makes the most of the materials you no longer use. 

While recycling involves breaking an item down to its most basic components, upcycling builds on what is already thereby transforming it into a different new product. Alongside making a positive contribution to the planet, the art of upcycling fashion is one that’s taking catwalks by storm.

With designers such as Vivienne Westwood leading the way, upcycled fashion is growing in popularity. At Lama Yulu, we explore the world around us, find unwanted materials, and create items that’ll transform your outfits for the better. While we know our upcycled jewellery has the potential to add a fresh dimension to your outfit, we also want you to learn more about the real beauty behind upcycled fashion.

Upcycled fashion is sustainable

Until the 1950s, upcycling was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, as the Golden Age swooped through fashionable society, mass manufacturing’s allure grew. While the ability to manufacture clothes and jewellery en-masse comes with its benefits, it also means ploughing through the Earth’s materials. Even better still, those who choose to upcycle their fashion avoid the ethical perils that come with cheap labour. Unfortunately, mass manufacturing usually arrives at the behest of those who work for a pittance, including children. 
With less manufacturing, there are fewer Co2 emissions, which also means being kinder to the ozone layer in your pursuit of fashion. Additionally, you don’t subject the Earth to as much waste. Instead, you’re buying bracelets and necklaces from artists who take items such as inner tubes and transform them into something usable. In the process, you give a gift to the Earth by buying waste, and therefore reducing it.

Upcycling means looking unique

Another pitfall of mass manufacturing is that many people walk around wearing the same items. Although this isn’t a problem when it comes to a staple pair of jeans or reliable sneakers, when a particular accessory becomes popular, everyone adopts the same look. 
Upcycling requires the artist to use a small range of materials. As a result, they can’t create too many of their products. In addition to helping you look trendy, the upcycling process gives you the chance to create an air of exclusivity around your outfits.

Supporting independent designers is cost-effective

At Lama Yulu, We make our beautiful jewellery from scratch. While you pay more for upcycled items, you’ll always offset the cost with their durability. Although we recycle rubbish, we do so in a way that makes the items you purchase last for years to come. As such, each piece is worthy of your investment.
With such cost-effective prices, you can purchase undeniably creative items for a fraction of the usual haute couture price. Like haute couture, though, the bracelets and bangles you buy have the potential to bring any outfit to life. With upcycled fashion, you can transform everyday looks into something special.

Upcycling is a process you can experiment with

At Lama Yulu, we’re proud of each product that we sell online, at trade shows, and in our showroom. As such, we hope that you’ll fall in love with them as quickly as we do. One of the reasons we love them so much is that extra love and care goes into each item. We work with families who are in need of extra assistance, allowing them to bring Lebanese designs to life while profiting from their artistic efforts. 
It’s important to understand that upcycling doesn’t mean taking an item and adapting it slightly. Instead, you grab materials that no longer have a purpose and give them a new one. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the upcycling world, join us in our journey and see if you can craft items of your own, while reducing your own waste.
Offering the chance to save the planet while looking gorgeous by taking a fresh approach to fashion, upcycling is something we feel passionate about. If you share our passion, why not explore some of our favourite pieces? Discover where they can fit into your outfits and how they can help you move from mass consumerism to responsible living. With such a small shift inhabits, you can make a significant difference to the world.



Gaston Valenzuela
Gaston Valenzuela


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